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Rolling Mills Details
Process Equipment Specification Capacity Capacity
  • Floating of free alumina by formation
    of calcinated aluminium xysulphides.
  • Improvement of fluidity of steel while casting
  • Reduction in Aluminium loss during casting
  • M/s Minex Metallurgical Ltd
  • Feeding of 9mm -13mm Cored Wires
  • Two roller type with flipping type spools.
  • Feeding rate 20 -200 Mtr/min
  • Fine adjustment of tramp elements In SS grades, Cored Wire Injection is done to modify morphology of inclusions to make less abrasive. For improved machinability percentage "S" is maintained above 0.25% in Sulphur bearing grade. In non Sulphur grades, controls are employed to maintain percentage "S" between 0.02 & 0.03 Uniform distribution of "B" and "Ti”

  • By producing Calcium aluminates, which can joined to the slag and minimization of alumina inclusions

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